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The objective of the ARFE foundation since 1985

To register animals in order to improve their health by means of a genealogical register, and to organise events. To maintain animal species, to protect, to defend, and to contribute to the recognition of different breeds. To do so, there is a pedigree system with added value towards gradations, including any possible mention of a DNA registration number, showing work results, and the microchip's bar code. The healthier the animal, the more valuable the pedigree. This is where ARFE is unique. Before our system, a pedigree had nothing to do with neither quality nor health, it was basically just a certificate of lineage. In order to request for a pedigree, we need your animal's lineage data (parents, grandparents). ARFE accepts all existing pedigree registration, provided that all data is displayed correctly. All data displayed on our pedigrees are derived from the breeder or owner of the animal. Thanks to this you're able to set up your own pedigree for a certain type, breed, or species. An ARFE pedigree is not recognised by all organisations, although governmental organisations, animal right groups, and cynology are familiar with us.